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Acts 2 groups are a gathering in someone's home to get to know people in the church in a casual setting with a meal and bible study, prayer, fellowship, and invitation to others to join. Discussion on the current sermon series is conducted.

Feel free to invite friends who do not go to church. The groups are broken up by geographic area so you can get to know folks where you live. Look at Acts 2:42-47 to understand more.

Current Acts 2 groups are:

Boyd/Turpin Group- Group will meet immediately after worship starting on Sunday, August 1st and will meet each first and third Sunday. Contact Alan Turpin with questions at

Crass/Kinney Group- Group will meet Sunday afternoon at 5pm, starting July 25th and will meet the second and fourth Sunday of the month. Contact Jon Kinney with questions at

Brinkmann/Kennedy Group- Group will meet on Thursdays at 6:30pm starting on August the 12th and will meet on the second and fourth Sunday. Contact Greg Brinkman with questions at